I discovered whisky when I went to beautiful Oban in 2009. I did not care much for whisky at the time, but a tour at the Oban distillery made me appreciate the process of making whisky – and of course to appreciate the smell and taste whisky. Later that evening I tried Talisker at the local pub, and I fell in love! On Fridays after that trip, you would often find me in front of our fireplace enjoying a nice whisky.

When I realized my dear colleague Tone also was into whisky the idea of a whisky club for girls popped up in my mind. I made a suggestion to Tone, and luckily she went for it! I do not know as much about whisky as Tone, but I learn more all the time. And most importantly I enjoy exploring new whiskies just as much as I enjoy my old favorites.

I have only written a few reviews so far, but hopefully you will see more reviews from me from now on.

– Marte

Oban 2009