Always Blended Scotch Whisky

After sharing my tasting notes of the two “best” whiskies from our cheapest-whiskies-December-meeting (Lochlins and Glen Gyle 8 YO FMD) it is time to dive into the loser… I am not looking forward to tasting it again, but it should get a new chance!

This whisky is named Always Blended Scotch Whisky and it is bottled at 40 ABV. That is about everything I know about it! One of the Ladies bought it in Spain at EUR 6,99 in a grocery shop.

Grass and hay are the first that meets the nose. It has a sourness to it. After a while we came to think of moon shine… Wet ash tray and aok. And then…the smell that made us realize the name was chosen for a reason: The metallic and not very nice smell of a can for sanitary pads… Watery, sharp and sweet on the palate, like water added sugar and alcohol. A very strange sweetness, and not in a good way. Watery on the finish with some sourness. One of the Ladies summed up her tasting notes like this: “The Ladies share too much”. One of the other Ladies said it tasted like a left over party mixed in one bottle.

My score: nose 14 / taste 13 / finish 13 / balance 15 = 55

By the way: This whisky turned out even worse when I tasted it on its own…

– Tone


  1. I just tried it, and for that price it.s quite good. I like it more than William Lawsons which is like double the price. I even find it more smooth than Chivas 12 y.o. but hey, thats just my taste.

    • Thank you for commenting, Alex. It is interesting to hear you like this whisky. I am glad whisky people has different taste! It has been a long time since I tried Chivas Regal 12 YO and I cannot make the same comparison as you do. But what is important, is that you like Always!

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