Ardbeg Ardbog

I brought my Ardbeg Ardbog to The Ladies’ Share’s tasting ‘Back to Islay‘. That day I was a bit disappointed when I tasted it… I remembered it to be very good, but it appeared to be a rough, raw and young. I figured the reason might be its place in the line-up and decided not to finish my tasting notes that evening.

When I had a Lady visiting a couple of weeks ago, I took the opportunity to taste it again with her and complete my tasting notes.

Ardbeg Distillery releases one limited edition whisky each year for Ardbeg Day. The 2013 release is called Ardbog. This is a 10 YO whisky matured in bourbon casks and some Manzanilla sherry casks. It is bottled at 52,1 ABV.

Rough on the nose. Sweet iodine, vanilla and raisins with liqueur! And peat, peat, peat! I also get aniseed with a hint of something metallic. It reminds me of cough medicine – which I like. Warm and rich on the palate. A lot of smoke, salt and licorice. Some lemon as well. The finish is dry, but still rich. Ash and floury.

My score: nose 23 / taste 24 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 90

– Tone

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