Ardbeg Perpetuum Distillery Release

Ardbeg Distillery celebrated their 200th Anniversary i 2015. They released Ardbeg Perpetuum Distillery Release in March 2015 as a special bottling for their Anniversary, and you could only buy it at the distillery. But, a couple of months later they released another version of Ardbeg Perpetuum for the Ardbeg Day i May 2015. The Ardbeg Day release was 72 000 bottles for global sale bottled at 47,4 ABV, while the Distillery Release was limited to 12 000 bottles bottled at 49,2 ABV. I have tasted both versions with Whisky Saga, and you can read about it here and here.

Well, today I am tasting Ardbeg Perpetuum Distillery Release from a small sample bottle.

Gasolin and smoke on the nose at first. Hmm…it has been a long while since I last tasted this one. It smells like being at a gas station with an ash trey outside. I am so hung up on this description I can hardly pinpoint any other smell. Smoke on the palate! It is rough! Some spices join in, like white pepper, black pepper and nutmeg. A buttery finish with smoke all over my palate. This was actually a bit too smoky for me today. The whisky was well balanced, though.

My score: nose 20 / taste 21 / finish 21 / balance 23 = 85

– Tone

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