Arran Sherry Cask ‘The Bodega’

Arran Distillery is located on the isle of Arran in Scotland.

This is what they say about Arran Sherry Cask ‘The Bodega’:

Matured in some of the finest casks available to the whisky industry, this cask strength 100% Sherry matured Single Malt is both luxurious and elegant with layers of rich sweet spice and oak. Our Master Distiller has worked with producers in some of the most prestigious Sherry Bodegas in Jerez, Spain to select only the best quality casks to be filled with our precious spirit.

This bottling is a return to the style of some of the earliest Arran Single Malt, which was mostly matured in Sherry Casks. During a tasting, this expression is the perfect partner to our Quarter Cask ‘The Bothy’ as it showcases the skill and expertise of our Master Distiller in his work with different wood types and supreme cask selection.

Arran Sherry Cask ‘The Bodega’ is bottled at 55,8 ABV.

It is available in Norway at NOK 979.

Warm, sweet and woody on the nose. A sweetness from ripe apricot, papaya and mango. Fruity and dusty on the palate! Spicy. Ginger and white pepper. The fruity sweetness from apricot, ripe mango and pineapple. The finish has a hint of smoke (probably from the casks) and is fruity, woody and sweet.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 21 = 86

Thanks, Andy and Jon!


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