Audny Series 3

Earlier this year The Ladies’ Share had a blind tasting at one of our meetings. One of the whiskies turned out to be a Norwegian one! We tasted Audny Series 3, a 4 YO, sherry matured whisky from Det Norske Brenneri, bottled at 46 ABV.

Det Norske Brenneri released Audny Series 1 back in 2012 as the first Norwegian whisky. This is what they say about Audny:

It was only a question of time before Norway got its own whisky. The Swedes have had theirs for more than a decade and the Danes have their “Stauning”. Norway’s Audny arrived in 2012, its name meaning “hope” in the Old Norse language. Our Audny is named after a sailing ship that set out from Southern Norway to ply the world’s oceans in the late 19th Century. The skipper was Aanon Peersen, grandfather of distiller Ole Puntervold, who launched Norway’s first whisky.

One thousand bottles of Series 3 was released in 2015. We tasted from bottle 134/1000. There is only one bottle left in Norway, at the state monopoly in Hokksund, at NOK 569,90.

Quite sour on the nose. It smells like a young whisky, almost like a new make. Malt, grass and hay. Malty and sweet on the palate. Quite sharp with a sting of alcohol. It turns more warm after some sips, and I get licorice. Malty and watery on the finish. Sugar syrup.

My score: nose 17 / taste 18 / finish 17 / balance 18 = 70

– Tone

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