Balblair Vintage 2005

Balblair Distillery is located in the region Highland in Scotland. I have tasted Balblair mostly at festivals and at tastings (read about the tasting at Dr. Jekyll’s Pub in Oslo a couple of years ago).

Since 2007 they have released vintage whiskies:

In 2007 the bold move is taken to only release Balblair as a Vintage Whisky. Every bottle of Balblair captures the essence of its Vintage year, the year in which it was distilled and laid down in casks.

I have previously shared my tasting notes on Balblair Vintage 1983 (read here) and 2003 (read here). Today it is time for Balblair Vintage 2005. The whisky was matured in bourbon casks, bottled at 46 ABV and released in 2016:

Only a handful of American oak, ex-bourbon casks laid down in 2005 were selected by Distillery Manager John MacDonald to form this classic Balblair expression. Light, fruity and refreshing, this classic Vintage embodies Balblair’s house style.

It is available in Norway at NOK 849,90.

Mmm…rich and fruity on the nose. Crispy. Pears, peaches and ginger. Salt. Quite fresh as well. Watermelon, pineapple, grapes and plums. Soft and rich on the palate. Really smooth. Vanilla, pears and honey melon. Salt. Some herbs, like lemon grass and eucalyptus. The finish has the dryness from green grapes and peanut shells.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 87

Thanks, Sebastian!

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