Benriach Smoke Season

Benriach Distillery is located in the region Speyside in Scotland.

I have shared my tasting notes on quite a few whiskies from Benriach lately: The Original Ten, The Twelve, The Smoky Ten, The Smoky Twelve and Peated Cask Strength Batch 2.

Before I leave Benriach Distillery for now, I will share my tasting notes on Benriach Smoke Season. Here is what they say about it:

Celebrating the time of year where peated spirit runs through Benriach stills, a tradition revived by the distillery over 50 years ago, Smoke Season is a small batch release which captures one of Benriach’s time-honoured production techniques. Both intensely smoked and exquisitely sweet, the special edition has been two-cask matured in both American virgin oak and bourbon barrels – wood types intentionally selected to amplify the toasted sweet notes in Benriach’s smoky spirit. With a new recipe finely tuned by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie, this expression is the most intensely smoked whisky to be released by the distillery.

BenRiach Smoke Season is bottled at 52,8 ABV. Unfortunately it is not available in Norway anymore. But if you are found of peated BenRiach the Smoky Ten and the Smoky Twelve are still available! Although, looking through my tasting notes below, todays whisky is definitely something else!

Smoke, smoke, smoke! Camp fire smoke on the beach. It feels like smelling the camp fire after pouring water on it – the smoke is a bit sour. It appears to me to be a bit one dimentional. I get a hint of sweetness from vanilla. Smoke, smoke, smoke on the palate as well! Wow, this was quite different from the Smoky Ten and the Smoky Twelve. Still a bit of sweetness of vanilla. And it is salty. The finish feels like an ash tray in my mouth! Still salt and vanilla.

My score: nose 20 / taste 20 / finish 20 / balance 20 = 80

Image from Whisky Saga.


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