Bergslagens Sherry Darling

Bergslagens Destilleri is a Swedish distillery. This is what they say about themselves:

Bergslagens Distilleri is a company based in Sweden in a town called Örebro approximately 2 hours from Stockholm. We produce first and foremost Aquavit and Gin and we use pure organic spirit made of the finest wheat as we can find. As far as possible, we use spices and ingredients from the region. Everything we produce is small scale and made with passion and love for the craft.

Berslagens bought all the whisky barrels from Grythyttan Distillery Autumn 2016. And 1 March 2017 they released a whisky named Sherry Darling under the name Bergslagens Independent since the whisky is produced at Grythyttan Distillery. The whisky is named Sherry Darling and is the first of three whiskies in the series Sherry Darling. The second one will be released 2 May 2017, and the third will be released later this Spring.

I guess there is no surprise if I tell you this is a sherry matured whisky 😉 It has been matured in 50 litres casks for five years and bottled at cask strength 58 ABV. The first Sherry Darling is an unpeated whisky while the next one will be Sherry Darling Lightly Peated and the last one will be Sherry Darling Peated.

Warm and soft on the nose. Figs, dates and dried apricot. Dark caramel. Peaches and prunes. A true sherry matured whisky. Rich on the palate! Not too sweet, but still the taste of dried fruits like dates and dried apricot. I also get baked apples with prunes inside. Cinnamon. The finish is warm and lingering. The fruitiness is exchanged with brown sugar and some burnt caramel. A bit dry in the very end.

My score: nose 22 / taste 23 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 88

Thanks, Thomas!

Image from SamuelWhisky.

– Tone

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