Blind tasting – hmm… Which whisky is this? – Glen Moray Mastery

I received a whisky sample from a good friend, through a good friend, earlier this year. I tasted it without any information about it and this is what I thought:

Perfume and flowers on the nose. Even though I do not enjoy the nose very much, it is quite delicate. After a while I get mint, eucalyptus and lime. It is cold and fresh. A hint of caramel and wood. Citrus and flowers on the palate. Caramel, fudge, Earl grey and the bitterness from cold, black coffee. The finish is oaky and buttery. Fat fudge (if such exists), salt and white pepper.

My score: nose 20 / taste 20 / finish 21 / balance 21 = 82

I did not have a clue which whisky this could be. It turned out to be Glen Moray Mastery! The whisky was bottled in 2017 as part of the 120th Anniversary for Glen Moray Distillery. It is a combination of casks; Sherry, Madeira and Port. The number of bottles is 1000, and it is bottled at 52,3 ABV. Here are the details about the whisky:

The bourbon cask matured Glen Moray from the 1970’s adds complexity and vintage oak character, with port finished whisky from the 1980’s bringer a sweeter character and spice.  In addition to these Madeira from the 1990’s and 2000’s give Mastery a consistent backbone of flavour, with vanilla and toffee aromas sitting alongside darker coffee and chocolate notes.  Finally, sherry casks from the 1990’s round of the complexity, adding a rich body and mouthfeel.

Thanks, Iain and Ivar!

Image from Glen Moray.


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