Bowmore 1989 22 YO Auld Rare

Finally! Time to dive into my first three small bottles of whiskies from the Swedish independent bottler Auld Rare, the first independent bottler in Sweden actually. I bought this three-pack of whiskies from Islay in October 2015, but did not find the time to open them until this Summer. After tasting them a couple of times, I am finally ready to write down some tasting notes.

First out is a Bowmore distilled 21 September 1989 and bottled in 2011 at 51,7 ABV. It has spent 22 years in bourbon barrel #22557. They bottled only 60 bottles, each 10 cl. I do not know where the rest of the barrel has gone.

Spoiler alert: This was a strange and funny whisky. Quite sharp and alcoholic on the nose. Washing powder, synthetic candy and fruity in a metallic way. Quite sharp on the palate as well, and cold. Ammonia, eucalyptus and mint. There is a metallic taste to it which is not very attractive. The peat appears mostly on the finish. Still there is ammonia, mint and a metallic taste. A cold and peaty finish. I really do remember this one to be better when I taste it this Summer and Autumn. Could something have happened to the whisky? It will be interesting to taste the other two.

My score: noes 21 / taste 19 / finish 18 / balance 119 = 79

– Tone

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