Bowmore Gold Reef

The Ladies’ Share met to taste some whiskies last Thursday. One of the Ladies brought a Bowmore Gold Reef. I had not tasted this one before. It is always nice to try something new!

Bowmore distillery is located on Islay. Bowmore Gold Reef is bottled for travel retail market. It has been matured mostly in bourbon casks and bottled at 43 ABV.

At the very first sniff there was perfume…which I often find in Bowmore. With the help of the other Ladies I detected some burnt caramel, wood, flowery and a hint of smoke. It was quite sharp on the nose. The taste was sweet, sharp and light. Caramel. Just a hint of smoke here as well. It disappeared quite quickly. We agreed this was an easy drinking everyday whisky.

My score: nose 19 / taste 19 / finish 19 / balance 19 = 76

This was the first whisky in our line-up. There was almost no peat or smoke at first. After we had finished nosing and tasting the other whiskies this one turned out to be quite smoky! It is fun to discover how the whisky changes – both after spending a while in the glass and also in comparison to other whiskies.

– Tone

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