Box Cask Owners Bottling 2015

Why the name of the whisky, you ask? When Box Distillery bottles customer casks there is always some centilitres of whisky left that they cannot include in the shipment:

So what do we do with what’s left? The answer is Cask Owners Bottling. In our opinion, the best solution is to give the leftovers back to our cask owners and to do so in a unique bottling. In late October 2015 we’d managed to collect some 31.2 kg from 134 bottlings. That whisky was then used as a top note to flavour a base of quarter casks – Bourbon barrels resized to hold about 130 litres. If we’d used a more powerful base, the character from the old remaining bottlings would have been completely overshadowed.

You can find all the details about Box Cask Owners Bottling 2015 here. The recipe is:

97.13% of the whisky comes from 130-litre Bourbon casks.
The remaining 2.87% consists of the leftovers from emptied and bottled customer casks.
21.12% of the whisky is peated.
Cask Owners Bottling has neither been chill filtered or coloured.

The alcohol level was adjusted to the predetermined level of 53.5% during bottling on the 2nd of November 2015 in a batch of 2,619 bottles.

Soft on the nose. Malty and oaky. Overripe bananas. The sweetness can be a bit sickening if you nose it too hard. If you nose it gently it appears to be more fresh with thyme and basil. The peat is actually the first to meet my palate! It would not expect it to be so prominent since only 21,12 percent of the whisky is peated. Vanilla, sugar syrup, oak, and white pepper. Quite dry, but at the same time it has an oily finish. Peanut shells.

My score: nose 20 / taste 21 / finish 21 / balance 21 = 83

– Tone

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