Box Cask Owners Bottling 2018

At Box Whisky Festival 2018 I tasted the new Box Cask Owners Bottling 2018 from Box distillery. This is the second cask owners bottling. You can read my review of Box Cask Owners Bottling 2015 here.

I tasted the whisky quite briefly the first day of the festival. The second day I started the day enjoying and analyzing Cask Owners Bottling at 11am 🙂 Such a nice way to start the day!

The whisky was made available to buy for cask owners only, on Monday 2 July 2018. I was a bit indecisive whether to buy it or not. When I finally decided I wanted one the day after, the bottles were all gone…of course. It is always like this with limited edition of Swedish whiskies.

The whisky contains leftovers from 1 267 “Ankare” (=39,25 litre casks) bottled buy cask owners. The leftovers are from all different kind of casks from 3,01 YO to 6,8 YO. In addition they added one bourbon barrel at 5,68 YO and some bottles of the previous Cask Owners Bottling 2015.

A bit shy on the nose at first. A bit dusty. Then I get salt, the smell of the stone from a peach, and overripe melon. Rich and really fruity on the palate. Melon, baked apples and peaches. Salt, vanilla, spicy and smooth. The finish i warm. Spicy. I get salt, pepper and nutmeg. Quite rough compared to the very smooth taste.

My score: nose 20 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 21 = 84

– Tone

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