Box Dálvve Batch 01

Even when the Ladies meet outside our club’s meetings there is usually some whisky involved 😉 A couple of the Ladies tasted both Scottish, Norwegian and Swedish whiskies a few weeks back; Springbank Green 13 YO, Talisker Skye and Eiktyrne Sokin og Eikin Sauternes Finish. Today it is time to share our tasting notes on the Swedish one: Box Dálvve.

This is what Box Distillery says about Dálvve:

The 7th of November 2016 represents a milestone in the history of the box distillery. It was on this date the first whisky from our core range was launched. It is our intention to produce and sell Dálvve in several markets across the world for the foreseeable future. Dálvve is our signature malt, a semi-peated whisky that spent its last period of maturation in bourbon casks for five years. Dálvve is a word from the ancient language of the Sami people of northern Sweden. It means winter – and by using it, we want to emphasise the changing of the seasons, our unique northerly location and the temperature variations that have such a profound influence on the maturation of our whisky.

Box Dálvve is available in Sweden at SEK 481.

Young on the nose at first, but suddenly it turns sweet and citrusy. Lemon soda and the lemon candy Fox. Dough and yeast. Fresh as the smell from lemon balm. It is almost like I cannot sense the peat on the nose. Still young on the palate, but tasty. Lemon and vanilla. Quite plain, but at the same time rich. I get white pepper and salt. The peat is a bit sour and lurks in the background. Bitter oak and fresh licorice on the finish. The taste disappears quite quickly, but the oaky bitterness stays though. It leaves the palate with an oily taste from nuts.

My score: nose 21 / taste 21 / finish 20 / balance 21 = 83

– Tone

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