Box The 2nd Step Collection 01

Finally I am taking my time to dive in to the newest whisky from the Swedish distillery Box Whisky. They have already released four whiskies in their Early Days Collection; The Pioneer, The Challenger, The Explorer and The Messenger. Now it is time for The 2nd Step Collection, starting with the whisky called 01.

I have already tried it a couple of times, but have not made any tasting notes until today. You can read all, and I mean all, the details about the whisky on Box Whisky. Shortly told this is a peated whisky matured in bourbon casks. Distilled between 2011-10-10 and 2012-01-16 and bottled between 2016-03-21 and 2016-03-23, which makes it 4 YO. The ABV is 51,1. The whisky is not available in Norway, but you can still buy it in Sweden.

Light and a lot of lemons on the nose. Very delicate with the peat nicely integrated. Some maltiness appears after a while. Wow! Really surprising on the palate! I suspected the delicateness from the nose. Instead I was met by peat, smoke and ash mixed with a lot of lemons. The second (and third and so on…) sip brings out different flavours like malt, coffee, licorice and some nuttiness. The finish is simple. Dry and warm. Nutshells, dark chocolate and oily.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 87

The whisky gets 22 on the balance even though it was not balanced in my opinion. I really liked the surprise though and that is why I think it deserves a high score.

– Tone

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