Box The 2nd Step Collection 03

I have previously shared my tasting notes on Box The 2nd Step Collection 01 from Box Distillery (now High Coast Distillery). Today I am tasting Box The 2nd Step Collection 03. Here is what they say about it:

The third and final edition in the 2nd Step Collection series is a smoky combination of bourbon barrels with top notes of new American and Hungarian oak.

2nd Step 03 was released in the spring of 2017 and was the first whisky we presented with more than five years of maturation, which is evident in maturity and character. It was also the last edition from Box with the first design generation of packaging and label.

You will find all the details about the whisky in the link above, but here are the main facts: 51,3 ABV, 5 YO, 38,6 ppm and 8291 bottles.

Fresh and green on the nose at first. Light. Salt sea. Beach. A bit “closed”. Then it opens up with notes of vanilla and some peat. I get a hint of lemon, or actually lemon caramel. Mmm… Rich and complex on the palate. Spicy with white pepper, chili and cardamom. I get the freshness from lemon and pineapple. Crispy pears on the finish. Nutty and buttery.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 21 = 86

Thanks, Thomas!

Image from Whisky Saga.


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