Canadian Club Classic 12 YO

A Canadian friend gave me samples of some different Canadian whiskies. I have already shared my thoughts on the Wiser’s 18 YO.

Today I am diving into the Canadian Club Classic 12 YO. It is not available in Norway. This is a blend bottled at 40 YO. Canadican Club refer to their corn distillate as their “base whisky” and then they use rye, rye malt and barley malt as grains to give their whisky its flavour.

This is what Canadian Club says about the whisky:

If you’re looking for more complexity and a bit more personality, Canadian Club® Classic 12-Year-Old is for you. With a more robust barley profile, it’s a nice step up from 1858 or Reserve. This award-winning blended spirit is aged for 12 years in seasoned, char-treated oak bourbon barrels.

Perfume and flowers on the nose at first. Some burnt caramel and malt. Cinnamon. Earthy, maybe boiled potatoes, which is not a flattering smell. Some alcohol bite on the palate. Watery. Ginger and pepper. A spicy and peppery finish. Surprisingly warm. Quite dry and it disappears rather quickly.

My score: nose 17 / 19 /20 /18 = 74

Thanks, Crystal!

Image from The Whisky Exchange.

– Tone

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