Cardhu Special Cask Reserve batch 11.11

I guess we all have some distilleries we like more than others. I have a lot of them – and they are very different in styles and characters. And there are some distilleries I rarely find a whisky I like. Cardhu is one of these distilleries. Anyway, I always enjoy tasting new whiskies and I always keep an open mind when I taste something new.

A friend gave me a sample of a Cardhu I had not tasted before. This is Cardhu Special Cask Reserve batch 11.11. It is bottled back in 2011 at 40 ABV. This is what they say about the whisky:

A deep-coloured, well balanced malt whisky of exceptional flavour and smoothness, in which all of Cardhu’s luscious ripe fruitiness is balanced by a delicious spicy dryness.

Overripe banana and warm on the nose. Peach and dried apricot. Orange with cloves. It actually smells a bit like Christmas. Spicy like gingerbread. Plain and spicy on the palate. Watery and dry at the same time. The spices are cardamom and cinnamon. Oaky and dry on the finish with a lot of white sugar. A surprisingly sweet finish.

My score: nose 20 / taste 20 / finish 19 / balance 20 = 79

Thanks, Bennie!

Image from The Whisky Exchange.

– Tone

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