Dalmore 12 YO

Now it is time to share my thoughts on a whisky from the core range of Dalmore Distillery.

Today it is time to explore Dalmore 12 YO. It is aged for the first nine years in American white oak bourbon casks, before half is transferred to oloroso sherry casks for the final three years. It is bottled at 40 ABV.

It is available in Norway at NOK 640.

It starts off very sharp and light on the nose. But after 15 minutes in the glass I get warm and rich caramel. Maybe a bit burnt caramel and dark chocolate. Gentle woody notes make it spicy. Suddenly oranges appear! Perfume, which I am not a huge fan of. Really smooth and easy drinking on the palate. Caramel and chocolate here as well. A bit watery and sharp in the end. Oak, black pepper and ginger. Quite short.

My score: nose 21 / taste 20 / finish 19 / balance 20 = 80

Thanks, Bennie!

Image from The Dalmore.

– Tone

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