Dr. Jekyll’s Pub in Oslo

Those of you who have followed us from the very beginning might remember having seen the name Dr. Jekyll’s Pub quite a few times in our articles. I guess Dr. Jekyll’s Pub has got a special place in our hearts since it was here Marte suggested we should establish a whisky club for women!

Dr. Jekyll’s Pub was established in 2006. They have an excellent selection of whiskies – and other nice spirits. And beers! Since I started drinking whisky back in May 2011 I have also started drinking beer. If I remember correctly the beer interest started during the summer of 2012. Spending my Summer holiday in California I got the chance to taste a lot of different beers. I prefer Stouts and Porters above everything else.

Well, back to whisky! Jekyll’s has about 5-600 whiskies. I have of course not tasted all of them, yet. The pub also arranges tastings, both whisky, beer and also other spirits. Having 22 minutes to walk from my home to the pub there is no need saying this is one of my favourite places in Oslo. I am having a hard time deciding whether Jekyll’s or Wolford Boutique is my second home in Oslo!

I chose a picture of Highland Park Dr. Jekyll’s Expression for this article. As I have mentioned before Jekyll’s has five own bottlings now, their Highland Park being the first. What makes this whisky extra special is the cask being present on the top shelf and there is still whisky left in it! Very cool! Of course the whisky is no longer in contact with the wood.

If you live in Oslo or visit Oslo I will definitely recommend a visit at Dr. Jekyll’s Pub!

A selection of the whiskies available.
A selection of the whiskies available.


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