En Öl & Whiskymässa – Gothenburg Beer & Whisky Festival 2016

Last weekend I was at En Öl & Whiskymässa – Gothenburg Beer & Whisky Festival 2016. I have only been at this fair once before, in 2014. Both times I have been working for Smögen Whisky.

The fair was held for the forth time and the number of attendants has never been higher. A total of 20 643 visited the fair. The doors were open Friday 1pm-11pm and Saturday 11am-11pm.

Smögen Whisky had quite a different selection of whiskies from two years ago. In 2014 Smögen had just released their first whisky: Primör. In addition we offered some cask samples and of course Strane gin.

This year Smögen had six whiskies! Five of them released for everyone to buy while one was a special bottling for the five year anniversary for the distillery. In addition Strane gin was served both neat and with tonic. It is my impression that more people knew about Smögen Whisky this year compared to 2014. But still there are a many women and men who have not heard about the younger Swedish whisky distilleries; Smögen Whisky, Box Whisky and Spirit of Hven for instance.

The products at the Smögen stand were:

  • French Quarter, released April 2016
  • Single Cask 3/2010, released March 2016
  • Sherry Project 1:4, released November 2015
  • Sherry Project 1:3, released October 2015
  • Primör, released March 2014 (available in Norway at 58 ABV, not the original 63,7 ABV)
  • Jubilee, only available for the ones visiting the distillery at the five year anniversary August 2015
  • Rå (new make), released March 2016
  • Strane London Dry Gin Merchant Strength 47,4 ABV (available in Norway)
  • Strane London Dry Gin Uncut 75,3 ABV


I had a lot of fun selling whisky and gin! People seemed very pleased with the products. And of course: It is always lovely to meet so many friends!

I hope to be back again next year!

– Tone

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