En Öl & Whiskymässa – Gothenburg Beer & Whisky Festival 2017

Last weekend I attended En Öl & Whiskymässa for the third time. This was also my third time working for Smögen Whisky at the fair. I love it!

The fair was held for the fifth time and the number of attendants was even higher than last year. A total of 23000 tickets were sold. The opening hours was almost like last year; Friday 1pm-11pm and Saturday 11am-10pm.

Smögen Whisky had both whiskies and gins at the stand:

  • Smögen Sherry Octaves, which will be released 1 June 2017
  • Smögen Triple, released February 2017
  • Smögen French Quarter, released April 2016
  • Smögen Wee Swede, released October 2016
  • Strane Merchant Strength 47,4 ABV
  • Strane Navy Strength 57,1 ABV
  • Strane Uncut 76 ABV
  • Strane Oaked Gin 55 ABV

We got a lot of positive feedback from the visitors – both on the whiskies and the gins. A lot of people took the opportunity to taste the newest whisky of course, Sherry Octaves, which will available at the state monopoly in Sweden in June.

Here we are! Happy to be serving lovely whiskies and gins 🙂

At the gin part of our stand we mostly served the gins neat, but you could by Strane Merchant Strength as a Gin & Tonic with Fentimans Tonic. The Merchant Strength might as well be enjoyed neat, but it is also made to mix nicely with tonic or as part of other cocktails. I believe some found it refreshing to get a GT in between all the beers and whiskies at the fair.

Strane Navy Strength is made to enjoy neat, but is also nice in a Dry Martini. Strane Uncut and Oaked Gin is meant to be enjoyed neat. A lot of people find the ABV of Uncut scary, but those who dare try it usually find it delicious in a special way 😉 As I stood there serving gins, a group of men who I recognized from last year came back to our stand – just to taste Strane Uncut! Uncut made a huge impression on them last year.

You can read about last year here.

I hope to be back again next year!

– Tone

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