Glencadam 15 YO

I have already told you a couple of times: A good friend was chocked when he saw my score for Glencadam 15 YO. This chock resulted in me getting samples of Glencadam 10 YO, 12 YO, 14 YO, 15 YO and 21 YO. Lucky me!

Glencadam distillery is located in the region Highland in Scotland. Here is a short quote from there web page:

Glencadam Single Malt has always been premium whisky for blending, and as such was highly sought after for some of the world’s most prestigious blends. Glencadam was finally bought by Angus Dundee Distillers on 1st June 2003, an independent Scottish company. Angus Dundee restarted production immediately, and we released our first ever single malt product, Glencadam Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 15 Years, in December 2005. This was subsequently re-launched in November 2009 with new packaging, alongside the release of a 10 year old expression.

I have already shared my thoughts of the 10 YO, the 12 YO and the 14 YO. Today it is time for the 15 YO. It is bottled at 46 ABV.

Vanilla and candy on the nose. Fresh. Eucalyptus. A bit synthetic. Sharp, dry and watery on the palate. Quite spicy and oaky. Vanilla gives it some sweetness. Very dry and sharp on the finish. Definitely oak. Some vanilla notes stays on till the bitter end. Thankfully short.

My score: nose 19 / taste 19 / finish 18 / balance 19 = 75

Thanks, David! I gave the 15 YO a higher score this time!

Image from Glencadam distillery.

– Tone

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