Glenglassaugh Octaves Classic Batch 2

Glenglassaugh Distillery is located in the region Highland in Scotland.

Here is what they say about it:

Master Distiller, Billy Walker, has carefully selected a number of casks to be bottled as the Glenglassaugh Octaves Classic. The whisky has been matured in octave casks, made from staves of a used cask that are approximately 1/8th the size of a butt. A smaller casks allows for more interaction between the wood and the spirit, giving the whisky a great depth of flavour in a short period of time. Bottled at 44%, non chill filtered and natural colour.

The Glenglassaugh Octaves Classic Batch 2 has been matured in a mix of bourbon, PX, Oloroso and Amontillado octave casks.

The Glenglassaugh Octaves Classic Batch 2 is available at a couple of Vinmonopolet in Norway at NOK 909,90.

A bit sharp on the nose at first. Some dried fruits. Oak and nail polish remover. The smell of corn and perfume – almost like a true Bourbon! Rich and fruity on the palate. Dried apricot and mango. Dark, dark chocolate. The finish is oaky and dry. Not much happening. Disappears quickly.

My score: nose 20 / taste 22 / finish 19 / balance 20 = 81

Image from Whisky Saga.


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