High Coast 63

High Coast Distillery in Sweden, previously Box Distillery, has released another whisky to my taste. Since they changed their name in June 2018, I have shared my tasting notes of one of their whiskies named High Coast; High Coast The Archipelago Baltic Sea 2019.

A few facts about High Coast 63:

Situated at 63° N, High Coast Distillery is one of the world’s most northern whisky distilleries. Exactly where the 63rd parallel cuts through warehouse No.3 we have matured this unique, heavily peated whisky for 63 months.

63 consists of 100 % peated whisky (63 ppm) matured in 63 liter bourbon casks, for 63 months, 63 decimeters above the ground.
63 is bottled at 63 % ABV.

High Coast is available in Sweden at SEK 863, of course 🙂

Read all the details about it here.

Peat, oak and vanilla on the nose. Green and grassy notes. Eucalyptus, lemon and lime. Smoke and vanilla on the palate. Quite rough on the tongue. I get the taste of grass (I have not tasted grass, though…), lemon peel and something reminding me of perfume. The finish is quite dry. There is definitely oak, still some perfume and coffee. It is chewey.

My score: nose 21 / taste 21 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 85


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