High Coast Berg

We tasted this one for the first time at a meeting for The Ladies’ Share a year ago. It won the tasting that evening! But: It cheated 🙂 The tasting was mainly a red-wine-matured-whisky-tasting and this one joined in and gave us a “break” halfway through. No doubt most of the Ladies prefer sherry maturation to red wine maturation!

Berg is one of four whiskies from The Origins series from High Coast Distillery (previously Box Distillery) in Sweden:

Origins is a tribute to our beginnings and our heritage from the banks of Ångermanälven river, where it meets and becomes part of the sea, where generations have worked with timber rafting alongside the dramatic mountain landscape of the High Coast.

The Origins Series includes Berg (mountain), Hav (sea), Timmer (timber) and Älv (river). About Berg:

BERG – is a sherry matured whisky which has the same natural colour as the Nordingrå granite which can be seen protruding the dramatic landscape of the High Coast. The casks have previously held the flavoursome Pedro Ximénez sherry.

Warm sherry notes on the nose. Mango, apricot and papaya. Smooth and gentle. Very rich on the palate. Lovely fruity notes. I get mango and apricot here as well. Salty and malty. The finish is smooth. Still with mango and salt.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 22 / balance 23 = 89

Thanks, Gabriella!


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