Highland Park Einar

The Ladies’ Share has tasted Highland Park Einar on many occasions. On our last meeting I finally wrote down my tasting notes – inspired by what the other Ladies said about it. We tasted Einar as the first whisky that evening. You can read about the tasting here.

This is what they say about Einar:

The joint Earl of Orkney from 1014, EINAR was a bold and ruthless warrior and ruler, renowned for venturing on long and daring voyages and clearly distinguishable by his mighty axe.

Matured in Sherry seasoned American and European oak casks, the warm flavours of zesty dried orange peel and vanilla pods sweetly unfold in each dram of EINAR.

The Warrior Series is a collection of single malts created exclusively for Duty Free to showcase the very best of Highland Park. Each expression both introduces a key figure from Orkney’s Viking history and demonstrates how the flavours of Highland Park are influenced by cask type.

Einar is bottled at 40 ABV.

Oak and vanilla are the first things to meet the nose. Then some different spices appears. One of the Ladies says it reminds her of sickeningly turpentine! It is a bit sharp on the nose. The oak is still present on the palate. White pepper and some other spices join in. It is quite simple, but smooth and warm. The finish is short. I get paper and dust. It is just like the mouthfeel you get when you read old, dusty books.

My score: nose 20 / taste 20 / finish 20 / balance 20 = 80

– Tone

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