Highland Park FIRE Edition

I guess a lot of people know how much I enjoy Highland Park ICE Edition 🙂 I have tasted Fire Edition quite a few times now, but never taken any notes until recently.

The two whiskies are very different, as the names indicates. Here you can read what they say about FIRE:

FIRE EDITION represents one half of a special two-part bottling, celebrating the great sagas of the Viking age recorded in the oldest Norse poems, the Poetic Edda.

The Poetic Edda tells the tale of the apocalyptic battle between the Gods and the Fire and Ice Giants, where the old world perished in a blazing ball of fire and the new world was born from its ashes. Celebrating this re-birth, or Ragnarok, we released 28,000 bottles of FIRE EDITION, encased in specially commissioned crimson glass.

Highland Park Fire Edition has been matured in American oak Port casks. The whisky is 15 YO and has been matured in these casks the whole time – which is the first time for Highland Park Distillery. The whisky is bottled at 45,2 ABV.

It is available in Norway at NOK 1999.

A strange nose, I think. Sour and vino on the nose. The peat is prominent on the palate. It tastes sweet, like the sweetness from berries. Raspberries maybe. A bit metallic and watery. The finish is metallic, oaky and dry. It reminds me of candy in a metallic can. Still a bit watery.

My score: nose 21 / taste 20 / finish 20 / balance 21 = 82

– Tone

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