Invergordon 1973/2016 Liquid Art & Beacon Spirits

Todays whisky is a joint bottling by two Belgian independent bottlers named Liquid Art and Beacon Spirits and it is bottled for the Belgium market. The bottling series is called Distilling is an Art.

This is a single grain whisky from Invergordon Distillery. A grain whisky in Scotland is a whisky made from malted or unmalted cereals in the mash (in addition to malted barley), and/or is distilled in a column still [Wikipedia]. The whisky was distilled in 1973 and bottled in 2016 at 52,4 ABV. The outturn was 257 bottles.

The whisky is available to buy from Liquid Art and Beacon Spirits at EUR 165.

Before I share my tasting notes I must remind you that I am, in general, not a huge fan of grain whisky. But I do like to try it every time I get the chance. The more I taste grain whisky, the more I hope to learn to enjoy it. Anyway, I guess my score is influenced by my general appreciation of grain whiskies.

Quite sharp and synthetic on the nose. A lot of fruit and oak. Green apples and pears. Nail polish remover. It is complex, though, there is a lot of stuff happening on the nose. Very sweet on the nose after tasting it and leaving it in the glass for some time. The alcohol is very dominant on the palate. Dry and nutty. Synthetic candy. There is especially a lot of peaches, like peach candy. A lot of oak on the finish and there is not a lot more happening really.

My score: nose 21 / taste 19 / finish 19 / balance 19 = 78

Thanks, Bert and Patrick!

Image from Liquid Art.

– Tone

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