Littlemill 1990 22 YO The Whisky Agency

I have not spent that many evenings at whisky bars so far this year. Some weeks ago I visited Dr. Jekyll’s Pub again and enjoyed both whiskies and beers!

Littlemill is not a distillery I often come across. It was located in the region Lowland in Scotland, but it does not exist any more. I therefore took the opportunity to taste one of the bottles at Jekyll’s.

This whisky is released from the independent bottler The Whisky Agency as part of their Sea life bottling series. It was distilled in 1990, then matured in a refill sherry butt for 22 years, and then bottled in 2012 at 52,2 ABV into 719 bottles.

Swwet on the nose. A lot of vanilla and milk chocolate. Ginger and nuts add a complexity to the nose. Sweet on the palate as well. Still vanilla and milk chocolate. At the same time I get a lot of oak and wood. Dusty. Butter(!). Quite fat and oily on the finish. Peanuts and wax. White pepper. It is a bit dry and I get the taste of cardboard.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 20 / balance 22 = 86

– Tone

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