Mackmyra Moment Glöd

I have not tasted that many whiskies from Mackmyra Distillery in Sweden. A friend gave me two samples, and today I am tasting the first one.

Mackmyra Moment Glöd is part of the series Moment:

During her regular tastings in the Bodås mine and on the island Fjäderholmarna, our Master Blender Angela D’Orazio, sometimes come across casks that distinguish themselves from the rest. For a long time, Angela have dreamt of making something really special with these casks. That’s why we created the Mackmyra Moment series: our most unique casks in very limited editions.

Glöd is the eleventh release in the Moment series. They describe it as a “spicy and smoky whisky characterized by Mackmyra’s whisky from the elegant and the extra smoky recipe and finished on casks which previously stored glühwein”. Glühwein is mulled wine.

The whisky is bottled 51,2 ABV and the outturn was 1088 bottles.

Cold on the nose. Juniper, mint, green apples and lemon zest. Nail polish remover. A hint of licorice. Sharp on the palate at first. Quite sweet with vanilla and ginger beer. Ginger and chili give a tingling sensation on the palate. The finish is sharp and short. A hint of vanilla and the warmth from hot spices.

My score: nose 18 / 18 / 17 / 17 = 70

Thanks, Thomas!

Image from Whisky Saga.

– Tone

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