Mackmyra Svensk Rök

Last Sunday I shared my tasting notes on Box The Explorer. Today it is time for another Swedish whisky from another distillery: Mackmyra Svensk Rök. One of the Ladies brought this to our last meeting for The Ladies’ Share. I have not tasted that many Mackmyras before and was looking forward to tasting this one.

This is what Mackmyra has written on the label on the bottle:

The smoke flavour is inspired by the old Swedish tradition of preserving food over fervid juniper twigs. By smoking our malt in this way we have for the first time captured this timeless flavour in a whisky.

The whisky has been matured in different kind of casks: American oak, Swedish oak, bourbon casks and Oloroso sherry casks. The cask size varies from 30 to 128 litres. Mackmyra Svensk Rök is bottled at 46,1 ABV and is available in Norway at NOK 519,90 for 50 cl.

A lot of wood and forest on the nose; Juniper being the prominent flavour. It is sour like the smell of seaweed on the beach. A bit cold on the nose, actually. I got menthol. The smoke is a bit sour. Quite sharp and perfumed on the palate. The mouth feel is watery. There is salt and something like ammonia. I get a flashback to my childhood and the candy called Lakrisal. The finish i thin. It leaves the palate with a salted buttery layer mixed with nut shells and some peat.

My score: nose 19 / taste 17 / finish 17 / balance 17 = 70

– Tone

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