Myken Arctic Single Malt Pineau des Charentes Finish 3 YO, 47 ABV

The Ladies’ Share was present when the first more widely available bottling from the Myken distillery was launched last week. This is an ex-bourbon with finish in a Pineau de Charentes cask. This bottling was chosen best in the festival in the category of Whisky from another country during the Oslo Whisky Festival 2.-3.11.2018.

Nose: very clear vanilla notes with sweet caramel, orange peel and brown sugar. After a while in the glass banoffee pie notes appear. Although the heavy and sweet notes dominate, there is still a hint of fresh citrus and fruity notes in the mix.

Palate: The first impression is a balanced whisky that starts with sweet flavors but then the peppery notes take over giving a spicy overtone. Lots of earthy notes with clear oak influence. The finish is dry and some of the new make rawness lingers in the palate.

All in all, surprisingly complex whisky considering it´s young age. It has nice balance between the heavy cognac notes and the fresh citrus influence. The finish was slightly too dry and raw, but then again, we are talking about very young whisky here. Based on this we can expect great things from Myken in the future.

Nose 22 / taste 21 / finish 20 / balance 21 = 84

– Laura

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