Nantou Omar bourbon cask

Taiwan has two whisky distilleries: Kavalan and Nantou. Kavalan was the first one to produce whisky as they started their production in 2006. Nantou started a couple of years later. A few words about Nantou Distillery from The Gateway to Distilleries:

The distillery was founded in 1978, however, the first whisky produced was in 2008. Nantou is owned by TTL – Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Cooperation- (Taiwan State owned manufacturer of tobacco and alcohol).

I tasted Nantou Omar bourbon cask for the first time at Linköping Whiskyexpo 2018. Read my article about the festival here. At the festival I also tasted the sherry cask, but chose to bring home a sample of my favorite; the bourbon cask matured whisky.

So, today I am tasting the bourbon cask again. It is bottled at 46 ABV.

Rich and fruity on the nose. Red apples, honey melon and grapes. Baked apples with cinnamon. Frizzy, like soda. Rich and fruity on the palate as well. Vanilla, fudge, dried apples and dried pineapples. Cinnamon and cardamom. The finish is sweet, watery, spicy and oaky. White pepper, red apples and cardamom.

My score: nose 21 / taste 21 / finish 20 / balance 21 = 84

Thanks, Winnie!

I hope I will get a chance to taste the Nantou whiskies bottled at cask strength! I think they will suit my palate just fine 🙂

– Tone

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