Old vs young whisky – tasting with TasteNote

Last Friday I attended a whisky tasting held by TasteNote in Varberg, Sweden.

The theme for the tasting was old vs young whisky. Does age really matter? Which influence does the cask have? I love being challenged this way.

This evening we were 18 people curious about the five glasses on the table. How old are the whiskies? Which casks has been used for maturation? Is it at all possible to guess the distillery?

This was my guess:
1: Highland Park, quite young, sherry matured, 40-43 ABV
2: Old Pulteney 17 YO, bourbon casks, 46 ABV
3: Youngish, sherry casks or new oak, high ABV, maybe Swedish, but at the same time that did not feel right…hmmm…
4: Old, sherry matured, sulphur, high ABV
5: Kilchoman, 5 YO, meaty and peaty, high ABV

My ranking: 2, 5, 3, 1 and 4.

The answer:
1: Spirit of Hven Tycho’s Star 41,8 ABV
2: Tamdhu 1984 27 YO Scott’s Selection 49,6 ABV
3: Amrut SC Oloroso sherry bottled for the Swedish Whisky Association 56,5 ABV
4: Bunnahabhain 1990 22 YO bottled for Gothia Whisky Society 56,1 ABV sherry butt
5: Ailsa Bay NAS 48,9 ABV

My ranking listed with the names: Tamdhu, Ailsa Bay, Amrut, Spirit of Hven and Bunnahabhain. Very interesting!

Well… I got something (almost) correct! I am not proud of my nose and palate, but anyway I enjoyed the whiskies and the challenge!

TasteNote (Roland left, Patrik right) and myself.
TasteNote (Roland left, Patrik right) and myself.

– Tone

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