Paul John Brilliance, Classic, Edited, Bold and Peated

John Distilleries in India was established in 1992 and launched their Paul John Single Malts in the UK in 2002. I have tasted many of their whiskies, both from their core range and single casks, but never shared my tasting notes! About time I do so!

This Autumn I was given a chance to taste Brilliance, Classic, Edited, Bold and Peated. So far, Bold, Brilliance and Peated are available in Norway at NOK 522,90, NOK 629,90 and NOK 899,90.

Brilliance is matured in bourbon casks and bottled at 46 ABV. A heavy, lovely sweetness on the nose. Rich on the palate. Caramel and some fruits. My score: 86

Classic is bottled at 55,2 ABV. Solvent notes on the nose. Lots of oak and alcohol on the palate. The nose improved after adding water. Water made tropical fruits appear. Ginger and pineapple. My score: 79 without water and 82 with water.

Edited is bottled at 46 ABV. This whisky is made of 15 percent peated whisky. The smoke appears on the nose after a while. In addition I get chocolate. Peat, peaches and mango on the palate. Quite juicy. My score: 85.

Bold is bottled at 46 ABV. It smells like opening a metallic can filled with fruit candy. I actually get cigarettes on the nose. The taste is bitter, metallic and nutty. My score: 82.

Peated is bottled at 55,5 ABV. Quite sharp and with solvent notes on the nose. The smoke is dominating on the palate. Sour smoke and ash tray. This one did not change to the better after adding water. It appears to be a bit boring and plain. My score: 78.

Thanks, Sebastian!


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