Smögen 6/6

Örebro Beer & Whisky Festival 2017 (read my article about the festival here) was held the day after Smögen Whisky released their latest whisky: Smögen 6/6. The 660 bottles were sold out at Systembolaget in about six seconds!

A lot of people took the opportunity to taste the whisky at the festival. Smögen 6/6 is a 6 YO whisky matured in two 225 litres casks made of new Swedish oak. It was distilled on the Swedish Constitution Day – 6th June – in 2011. I guess that explains the name 😉 As usual this is a heavliy peated (50+ ppm) whisky from Smögen. It is bottled at 59,2 ABV.

Fruity on the nose. The peat is prominent. I can smell the oak, but in a fruity and delicate way. I would have expected much more spices from the new oak. Instead I get dried apricot and baked apples. White pepper and vanilla. Very rich and peaty on the palate. Wow! Vanilla and oak at the first sip. Then the spices appears. Ginger, white pepper and nutmeg. A very peaty finish that lingers. Black pepper, salt, sugar syrup and peaches. White pepper here as well. A bit dry in the end.

With water added the fruitiness disappears and the oak and the spices dominates.

My score: nose 22 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 87

– Tone

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