Smögen Sherry Octaves Sherry Project 2:1

Now I have tasted Sherry Octaves Sherry Project 2:1 from Smögen Distillery in Sweden. Previously I have shared my tasting notes on Sherry Project 1:4 (read about it here). I tasted Sherry Project 2:1 the same day I tasted Single Cask Edition No. 4 #18/2012 (read about it here).

Smögen produces peated whiskies where the malt holds 55+ ppm. Todays whisky was distilled in April 2013, then matured in American white oak Fresh Sherry Octaves #18-35/2013 till 6 May 2017, which makes it 4 YO. It was bottled at 53,6 ABV into 1382 bottles. An Octave is a small cask at approximately 46 litres – which speeds up the maturation process for the whisky.

Very fruity and typical sherry notes on the notes. I get figs, dates and spices. It is warm and rich. Bouillon, white pepper and nutmeg. There is a hint of sulfur, but in a good way (as it can be some times). Sweet on the palate. Lots of fresh fruit. I get peaches and melon in particular. It is rich and peaty. The finish lingers with a nice sweetness mixed with peat. It tastes a bit as I imagine sweet ash would taste. Licorice, sugar syrup and salt in the end.

My score: nose 21 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 86

– Tone

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