Speyburn 10 YO

Speyburn Distillery is located in the region Speyside in Scotland. This is the very first Speyburn I review.

Speyburn distillery was founded by John Hopkins in 1897 and the first spirit was put into cask December the same year (read more here):

Production began on 1st November 1897 however after a few false starts; it wasn’t until Christmas Day that the team were successful in distilling their first drop. Then on the last night of the year, the men battled through the ice an snow to ensure the cask was placed in the dunnage warehouse, just in time to toast the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Speyburn 10 YO is matured in a combination of American Oak ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. Is is available in Norway at NOK 679,90.

Malty and fruity on the nose at first. Banana and pineapple. Then it turns more fresh and “green”. Freshly cut grass, thyme and basil. Lemon juice. After a while in the glass I get some sweetness. Vanilla and fudge. Spicy and watery on the palate. Cardamom, nutmeg and white pepper. Flowery and sour on the finish.

My score: nose 21 / taste 20 / finish 19 / balance 19 = 79

Thanks, Sebastian!

Image from Speyburn.com.

– Tone

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