Spirit of Hven Tycho’s Star

We have already tasted Swedish whiskies from Box (The Messenger) and Smögen (Sherry Project 1:4). Now the time has come for Spirit of Hven. The distillery is located on the island Hven between Sweden and Denmark.

Tycho’s Star is their latest release, read the details about it in their product sheet. The whisky is made from

[…] three types of barley, Pale Ale Malt for the grassy base notes, chocolate malt for the enticing caramel notes and heavy peated whisky malt to create the leather, liqourice and tar scents.

The distillery tells how the whisky got its name:

This whisky is named Tycho’s Star as a tribute to the most famous islander yet, the astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). […] The name Tycho’s Star refers to the supernova that Tycho Brahe observed in the asterism Cassiopeia 1572. He called it “De Nova Stella” and made a term of the expression Nova, that nowadays are used to describe new stars.

It is available in Sweden at SEK 495 (bottle 500 ml). It is bottled at 41,8 ABV.

Light, fresh and fruity on the nose. Eucalyptus and peaches. And there is a herb there that I cannot quite figure out. Hmmm…I think it is Lemon Balm. And it actually smells a bit like Coca Cola! Some particular sweetness. Very clean and smooth on the palate. The smoke is very gentle. Coca Cola candy and caramels. It is quite fresh with mint, eucalyptus and citrus. A bit dry and watery in the end. Salt, smoke and ashes.

My score: nose 21 / taste 21 / finish 20 / balance 21 = 83

– Tone

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