Springbank 19 YO Dr Jekyll’s Expression

I was happy to serve nice whiskies to some friends last Friday. One of the whiskies was Springbank 19 YO bottled for Dr Jekyll’s Pub in Oslo. I was reminded how lovely it is! I realized I have never shared my tasting notes on this gem before. A perfect excuse to taste it again today!

Springbank distillery is located in Campbeltown in Scotland. The whisky was distilled May 1995 and bottled July 2014. The cask was a bourbon refill bottled at cask strength and it gave 234 bottles.

This is what the label on the bottle says:

We are delighted to introduce to you, this very rare single bourbon cask whisky from Springbank. This is our first collaboration with Jon Bertelsen, and we handpicked it to be our fifth Dr Jekyll’s Expression. Tastes best as it is, alone – or with friends.
The Dr Jekyll’s Team

The first four Dr Jekyll’s Expression releases were Highland Park 12 YO, Karuizawa 14 YO, Glengoyne 16 YO and Laphroaig 7 YO.

Vanilla, peaches and white pepper on the nose. Quite spicy after a while and at the same time it becomes more fresh. Cardamom and tome herbs. Smooth, warm and delicate. You can really nose this forever. Mmm…really reach on the palate. Fudge and vanilla. Quite spicy with pepper, cardamom and nutmeg. White pepper and walnuts dominates on the finish. Really nice balance.

My score: nose 23 / taste 23 / finish 23 / balance 23 = 92

– Tone


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