Tasting Box with Hasse Nilsson

TasteNote is the name of some Swedish bloggers. Patrik, Roland & Bennie (= TasteNote) arrange tastings now and then. The tastings are open for anyone to attend, but the seats are limited so you have to decide fast!

They are located in Varberg, and of course their tastings are in Varberg. I have been able to attend only a few of them. The four hour drive from Oslo to Varberg makes it difficult to get there in time after work since the tastings usually are held on Fridays. This Easter though they invited to a tasting on Wednesday which was perfect for me. I was a bit late to decide whether I should go or not, but I managed to secure the last seat!

Usually Patrik, Roland & Bennie hold the tastings themselves, but this time they were lucky to get senior brand ambassador Hasse Nilsson from Box Distillery to take us through the whiskies. The line-up was a bit unusual as it included a couple of private bottlings:

  • Box Bourbon cask sample, 54 ABV
  • Box American Oak, 50,8 ABV
  • Box Kritiskt Tryck, 62,4 ABV – a private bottling
  • Box 2nd Step Collection 03, 51,3 ABV
  • Box W Buteljering nr. 2, 62,3 ABV – a private bottling

A perfect evening with nice Swedish whiskies – and Hasse to tell some interesting stories 🙂 Thanks! I hope to be back some day.

– Tone

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