Tasting Macallan with Sietse Offringa

A couple of weeks back I attended a whisky tasting at Dr. Jekyll’s Pub. Brand ambassador Sietse Offringa presented six Macallans that evening. Macallan Distillery is located in Speyside.

Sieste took us through the history of Macallan and the whisky production process while he took us through these whiskies:

  1. Macallan 12 YO Fine Oak, 40 ABV: mostly sherry casks and mostly casks made of American oak.
  2. Macallan 12 YO Double Cask, 40 ABV: only sherry casks and a combination of American oak and European oak.
  3. Macallan 21 YO Fine Oak, 43 ABV: matured in bourbon and sherry casks.
  4. Macallan Rare Cask, 43 ABV: only sherry casks, a lot of first-fill casks, 256 casks are used in 16 different sizes. 
  5. Macallan 1980, 43 ABV: a 18 YO whisky bottled in 1998.
  6. Macallan 1966, 43 ABV: a 18 YO whisky bottled in 1985 with screw cork!

My favorite was Macallan Rare Cask. A rich and complex whisky with a lot of dried fruits and oranges. I have shared my tasting notes on this one before. Back then I gave it 89 points. This time I gave it 88 points which means I still agree with my own opinion 😉

Thanks for a great tasting to Sietse and Dr. Jekyll’s Pub!

Myself and Sietse Offringa.

– Tone

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