Tasting whiskies from Wemyss at The Whisky Bar

Peat Chimney, myself and Jacque Sutherland

A few weeks back I attended a whisky tasting at The Whisky Bar in Oslo. Whiskies from the independent bottler Wemyss were on the menu that day. I have tasted quite a few whiskies from Wemyss the last years and shared my tasting notes on two of them; Bunnahabhain 1990-2015 “Samphire Beach” (read here) and Spice King 8 YO (read here).

Wemyss Malts has been an independent bottler for 12 years. They release both blended malts, like Lord Elcho, Spice King and The Hive, and single caks. In addition they own a Lowland distillery, Kingsbarns. They filled their first cask 23 March 2015.

Jacqueline Sutherland, the ambassador for Wemyss, took us through six whiskies this evening:

  1. Linkwood 1995 19 YO “Honeysuckle Bower” 46 ABV
  2. Glenrothes 1996 21 YO “Fruit and Nut Bake” 46 ABV
  3. Mortlach 1998 19 YO “Gingerbread House” 46 ABV
  4. Clynelish 1997 20 YO “Continental Platter” 46 ABV
  5. Bunnahabhain 2002 14 YO “Lemon Butter Sole” 46 ABV
  6. Peat Chimney Batch no. 1, a blended malt made of ten different malts with 1/3 from Islay, bottled at Batch Strength 57 ABV

They are all available to buy in Norway.

My favorite this evening was the Clynelish – delicate and really nice!

Thanks for the lovely tasting, Jacque and Callum!

– Tone

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