Teerenpeli Rasi

Todays whisky is from Teerenpeli Distillery in Finland. This whisky is called Rasi and has been matured for six to eight years in bourbon casks and the been given a one year finish in Moscatel casks. It is botted at 43 ABV.

I have already shared my tasting notes on three other whiskies from Teerenpeli: AURA, the 10 YO and Karhi.

Unfortunately is Teerenpeli Rasi sold out.

Mint, eucalyptus and some aceton on the nose. It is a bit more sharp than I expected from the Moscatel finish. It is almost like the Moscatel is not fully integrated. White pepper and oak is dominating on the palate. I also find grapes and pineapple. Quite delicate on the palate. There is some sweetness on the finish, a fruity one. An oaky finish before it disappears quickly.

My score: nose 20 / taste 22 / finish 19/ balance 20 = 81

– Tone

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