The Golden Days in Gothenburg

Fredrik, myself and Tusse

I attended Cinderella Whisky Fair 2016, see my article. I chose the Friday-Saturday trip. The doors open at 15.30 for the travellers to leave the boat. Since there are no planes or trains leaving from Stockholm to Oslo later than 16.10 on Saturday, I had to decide whether to stay in Stockholm one extra night or join my friends on the train to Gothenburg. I chose the latter.

It turned out to be a great choice! I arrived Gothenburg Saturday evening and met up with two Swedish whisky blogger colleges. They suggested we meet at The Golden Days. When I walked in the door I had no expectations of what kind of pub this was. I was amazed by the fantastic whisky selection! I had a good chat with bartender Sebastian while I waited for Fredrik and Tusse (Veckans Fredagswhisky) to arrive.

The Golden Days has a nice selection of beers as well. We tried some different beers. My palate was not really ready to enjoy any fancy whiskies that evening. Well, I just had to have an Ardbeg Day…ooohh…such a lovely whisky! (Read my review for details. I still agree with my score from a couple of years ago!)

There were so many whiskies I wanted to taste. Especially two of them were very tempting; PC5 and PC6. But it would have been wasted that evening… Luckily the pub opened already at 13.00 on Sunday which gave me enough time to go back and enjoy those whiskies before I visited friends. I might share some quick notes later. I was quite surprised to find how different PC5 and PC6 were. Bartender Linus was working this Sunday and I think he had tasted almost every whisky on the shelf. Impressive

I will definitely recommend a visit to The Golden Days; a great selection of whiskies (and beers), a cosy atmosphere and knowledgeable bartenders. I certainly know I will be back!

Some of the whiskies!

– Tone


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