The Irishman Cask Strength 2015

I have tasted The Irishman Cask Strength 2013 and 2014 editions. Now the time has come to the 2015 edition. I tasted it at the Cinderella Whisky Fair 2016, but I did not take any notes. I just enjoyed it together with a nice chat with Global Brand Manager Shane Fitzharris (see picture).

The Irishman Cask Strength 2015 is bottled at 53 ABV and 2000 bottles are released. I am not sure if the 2015 edition is available in Norway. The information on Vinmonopolets website says 54 ABV which means it is either the 2014 edition, or the information is not updated to the 2015 ABV. Anyway it costs NOK 1 050.

Very soft and rich on the nose. Vanilla, fudge and dried fruits. Warm apples and peaches with cream and cinnamon. Salt and oak. Oooh! Smooth, rich and oily on the palate! Wow! So good. Vanilla, fudge and dried fruits here as well. Warm apple pie. Salt and oak on the finish. Oily and nutty. Some fudge and dried apricots. The 2015 edition is just as good, if not slightly better, than 2013 and 2014.

My score: nose 23 / taste 23 / 22 / 22 = 90



– Tone

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