Visiting Clydesdale in Stockholm

Blind tasting at Clydesdale! A nice way to be challenged.

The Swedish Importer Clydesdale has always been present at Cinderella Whisky Fair. But not this year. The reason is no secret and this is what they say on their website (my (maybe poor) translation follows):

I promised to write a bit about why we will not participate at Cinderella Whisky Fair in 2016. The reason is quite simple: civility! During 2015 we tried to establish a dialogue with Viking Line on a very exciting set up. Everything seemed fine at our meetings and their interest was huge. But it the end they did not even respond to our emails. They got back to us in September just to hear what we can do for the fair. We then told them politely, but firmly, that we did not want to be involved since Viking Line had not responded to our emails during the year. We are not interested to help their sales during the fair without getting anything in return. Clydesdale bases our business on long-term planning!

Well, of course I was a bit sad at the thought of not being able to taste any whiskies from Clydedale at the fair. But my sadness quickly turned to happiness when Clydesdale announced their office would be open for those attending Cinderella Whisky Fair 2016!

I visited their office together with some fellow bloggers; David (Tjeders Whisky) and Patrik & Roland (TasteNote), and some other friends. I guess it is unnecessary to say we had a great time! David and I arrived a bit earlier than the others and were happy to be challenged at a blind tasting! It was a blind tasting with a twist, but I will not reveal the twist since I am planning on using it myself! See picture for details about the whiskies.

Tina and Thomas at Clydesdale offered us to taste from any open bottle we could find in their office – and it was a lot to choose from!

Some of the whiskies!

I did not take any tasting notes during the stay, I only enjoyed the whiskies.

Thanks to Clydesdale!

– Tone

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