Whiskybad #109 – Bonnie Scotland

I had a fun night at a tasting in September 2017 called “Whiskybadet” (= The Whisky Bath, directly translated)!

This was Whiskybad #109. This evening the tasting was matched to a movie! We saw Bonnie Scotland, a 1935 American film starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The knowledgeable Chris Maile, the man behind the whisky festivals in Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø, took us through the whiskies and the movie. He had chosen the whiskies to match different parts of the movie. He paused the movie and introduced one or two whiskies at the time. We tasted:

This was a fun concept, matching whiskies and a movie. And I got to taste five whiskies I had not tasted before. Since I decided to relax and have fun that evening, I only took tasting notes of 100 Pipers. Review will follow 😉

Thanks, Mia and Chris, for a lovely evening!

– Tone

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